Mechanics of Breathing is nothing new
January 26, 2024

Mechanics of Breathing is nothing new

Mechanics of Breathing is nothing new. Please spend time to view and honour this Carl Stough, who talked about this long before the world was ready to listen.

Carl Stough has a very important message regarding the skills of optimal breathing. When I met his work I was very satisfied, that somebody in the old days actually told us about the movement of the breath.

He was probably the first talking about mechanics of breathing, 3D breath and the importance of exhalations.

My teaching is all about optimizing the movement of breathing. Its way through the nose and the rhythmic 24/7 work in a 3D direction - for the lungs and the diaphragm.

My background as a physiotherapist is only a piece in the puzzle of who inspired me and teached me through the years. I have been inspired from many areas of movement, therapy, health and wellbeing.

To highlight some of those, I can mention Marie José Blom, Madeline Black, Franklin Method, Michael White, DNS, James Nestor and definately Anders Olsson.