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e Buteyko Belt is used to facilitate and stimulate your breathing to become better and more optimal. 

The belt is a useful tool to facilitate the 3-dimensional breath - sensing expansion in all directions on inhalation, and a release in all directions on exhalation.

The purpose of the belt is to provide mild resistance to your breathing so you can breathe all day and night. Breathe when you feel the sensation of slight air hunger or the desire to breathe more.

Read more below, find your size, and learn how to use the belt.


When I first came across the belt, I was not optimistic. It seemed like a kind of corset that would block your breathing. I tried the belt and was very surprised. Over the years, I have used other things like wide elastic bands, belts, cushions, etc. to stimulate circular and 3D breathing. The belt is super ingenious for stimulating this, the feeling that breathing should happen all the way around, from the pelvis, abdominal wall to the chest. Not only does the belt stimulate inhalation, but also exhalation. And it can be used for an extended period.

You can gently feel the belt all the way around. Here you will feel that you slowly expand when you inhale... like a balloon filling up a bit against the belt. And you will be able to feel if there are areas of your 3-dimensional breathing that you're not really using. The same applies to exhalation, where you will feel that you gently release the belt again, all the way around. This also helps you understand that exhalation should take time and proceed calmly and slowly. This way, you optimize a wide range of factors, such as the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Note that the belt should NOT be fastened tightly, and you should not force your breathing but breathe calmly and three-dimensionally. 


Currently, there are three belt sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). To choose your belt size, measure the circumference at the bottom of your ribs. Sizes differ in both circumference and width.

Small: 67 - 87 cm

Medium: 89 - 105 cm

Large: 105 - 120 cm 


Place the belt around your diaphragm so it sits between your navel and chest. Tighten or loosen the straps on each side of the belt to achieve optimal resistance to your breathing. If you don't feel any air hunger, then tighten the straps until tolerable air hunger is achieved. Conversely, if air hunger is uncomfortable, loosen the straps to achieve the optimal air hunger.

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